Education in Rhetorics – Module 2: Oral rhetorics I

The rhetorical toolbox

This workshop does what we teach: It captures your interest. And it will teach you to do the same without overloading you with information. For that specific reason you will be able to remember and afterwards apply the tools that we teach you. You will discover that rhetoric is a basic human ability – and you will probably wonder why you haven’t always presented your messages in this manner.

You can benefit from this workshop, if:

  • You want to feel more sure of yourself when speaking in front of others
  • You have a job where you often give oral presentations
  • You often feel that people haven’t fully grasped the points that you were trying to make

How do we work?

All rhetorical teachings are mediated to you both verbally, visually and physically. For instance you will be introduced to a toy horse called Rufus, a wooden bridge from a train set and a plastic syringe – or as we call it, vaccine. All these props represent mnemonic techniques that will help you remember the rhetorical points and tools that you henceforth will build your presentations upon.

How does it take place?

All participants will be asked to prepare a presentation or speech in advance that they will present at the beginning of the workshop. Then one rhetorical tool at a time is introduced and everybody will incorporate that tool into his or her own presentation. At the end of the workshop everybody will present their speech again. In our experience all participants improve dramatically and learn a great deal from simply witnessing the others’ presentations. The participants also receive personal feedback from the teacher and other participants.

What do you get out of it?

You will experience the gradual improvement of both your own and fellow participants’ oral presentations. You get a rhetorical toolkit that you can apply to your daily work. But most importantly you will get efficient training in how to inspire, communicate and convince.

Independent workshop or a full education in rhetorics?
All of our modules are available as independent one- or two-day workshops. If you feel passionate about written and oral communication, you can also choose to embark on Rhetors’ basic education in Rhetorics. You get seven complete modules including this one and a progymnasmata – a personal rhetorical analysis. Additionally you receive two hours of personal rhetorical counseling.

About Rhetor

We do what we teach – every day. We are the first business in Denmark to specialize in rhetorics. The art of writing a great speech is a personal vocation for us and for over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to teaching others how to speak, write and perform. All of our rhetorical advisers have a university degree in Rhetorics or Communication, but we are especially known for thinking out of the box. In doing so we have developed a unique and insightful teaching method.

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