Written Rhetorics II

Good writing creates better decisions

Good writing is a crucial basis for decision-making. It is often an overlooked factor and yet one that has very practical implications for your business. A good written contribution:

  • Is built upon a well-defined problem
  • Accentuates the essential
  • Has a well-composed line of reasoning and delivers concrete solutions and recommendations
  • Follows protocol, including templates and work procedures
  • Is fact-checked and proofread
  • Can be perfectly understood even without being introduced or commented upon verbally
  • Is linguistically accurate and free of redundancy and repetitions

How do we work?

In just one day we will teach you about the principles behind making an informed decision and how this translates into written compositions such as memos, presentations and reports. We will teach you rhetorical writing techniques that are easy to use and can be implemented straight away, including a compositional template and how to outline.

How does it take place?

This module is a one-day workshop and takes place at our ample accommodations in Frederiksberg. The workshop is from 9-16 and includes catering.
Based on a specific case from your professional life where you have been asked to write a written contribution or resolution proposal, you will then use different rhetorical tools to author and improve your written composition.

What do you get out of it?

After this module writers will experience that their written compositions are understood the first time, with no need for hours of editing and rewriting. You’ll simply get it right the first time. You will be able to provide your readers with shorter and better structured texts that provide a clear message.
Recipients will have the important information needed for the decision-making process and the line of reasoning will be presented to them in a logical way.
Your organizational structure will run more smoothly and meetings will be shorter and to the point.

Independent workshop or a full education in rhetorics?

All of our modules are available as independent one- or two-day workshops. If you feel passionate about written and oral communication, you can also choose to embark on Rhetors’ basic education in Rhetorics. You get seven complete modules including this one and a progymnasmata – a personal rhetorical analysis. Additionally you receive two hours of personal rhetorical counseling.

About Rhetor

We do what we teach – every day. We are the first business in Denmark to specialize in rhetorics. The art of writing a great speech is a personal vocation for us and for over 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to teaching others how to speak, write and perform. All of our rhetorical advisers have a university degree in Rhetorics or Communication, but we are especially known for thinking out of the box. In doing so we have developed a unique and insightful teaching method.

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Det åbne kursus varer 1 dag, og det er med fuld forplejning. Prisen er 4.200 kr. ekskl. moms.

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Praktisk information

Kurset foregår i Rhetors lokaler på Carit Etlars vej 3, 1814 Frederiksberg C.

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